Reviews of The Tree of Red Stars

“Tessa Bridal brings a fresh voice to Latin American literature. . . . Bridal recounts Magda’s perilous activities with a chillingly understated sense of prose.”
—New York Times Book Review

“Suffused with the poignancy of a memorial to lost lives, this debut novel . . . is an unblinking exploration of the way absolute power can destroy civilized existence. . . . Bridal’s understated prose permits large moments to occur without melodrama, and small ones to build into potent revelations.”
—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“A skillful, utterly engrossing portrait . . . The Tree of Red Stars is an unpredicatable and exquisite story, its descriptions of endangered freedom and mental torture all the more chilling when one remembers its author, who now lives in Minnesota, grew up under the same circumstances as her protagonist.”
—TimeOut New York

“A luminously written debut novel…about love and ideals under siege in the 1960s Uruguay. Love and the past beautifully evoked in a faraway place…The Uruguayan-born Bridal, now living in the U.S., is a writer to watch.”
—Kirkus Reviews

Author of River of Painted Birds and The Tree of Red Stars